Nov 21, 2004

Ivory Coast EU Military slaughtering hundreds of unarmed civilians - VIDEO

Dozens of unarmed christian patriots murdered by french snipers from hotel balconies - VIDEO

The only TV station in western europe that showed some images - the swiss french television (audience : 400,000). (1)
They didn't show the dozens of innocent women and children murdered, laying in a bloodbath, but they mentioned that several witnesses (both french and swiss) that were at the tall building that you can see in the video and had a perfect overview of the events, confirmed that the christian patriots were murdered NOT ONLY by the soldiers in the tanks but also by french snipers hidden behind the hotel balconies.

Reaction of viewers, aka "innocent bystanders"

One of the consequences of moral decadence is the loss of perception for danger.
I'm sure that almost all who watched this report thought that the EU military slaughtering unarmed blacks in Africa has nothing to do with them.
Those laughing at it, I wonder if you will also laugh when you will test your assumption that the EU military has orders to shoot only "negroes" in Africa ...

Why are christians murdered by the french "peacekeepers" in the Ivory Coast

Not only to secure control of the world's cocoa production but also to destroy christianity and put in power a muslim puppet government. (2)


(1) Added 2006: Video links provided in articles in forums, no more available.

(2) 15 November 2004 - Ivory Coast accuses France of 'acts of war'
In an interview with a British newspaper, Mr Gbagbo accused France of "acts of war" by destroying the country's air force, two Sukhoi jet fighters and four or five helicopters. France's action, he said, meant that "objectively, France supports the rebels, because the French destroyed our advantage in less than two hours".

Source: "The Independent" archived

PARIS - Ivory Coast leader Laurent Gbagbo said Saturday he believed reports were true that French troops had decapitated local demonstrators during anti-French riots in the west African state this month. "I wasn't in the hospitals myself but everyone who went there said so: you may take it that the evidence provided by several people is true," he responded online from Abidjan to a website discussion in Paris. Asked by AFP, French army information services in Paris would say only: "We have no comment to make on this kind of statement." Cardinal Bernard Agre, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Abidjan, first made the decapitation charge, saying November 11 on Radio Vatican: "I have just come from the hospitals. It's unbearable, these young people decapitated by the French army."

Reaction from a poster:

"Where are the calls for a UN investigation?? Where are the interminable repeat playbacks on the MSM?
Where are the calls for submitting this atrocity to the UN World Court, the War Crimes Tribunal?

The French have dropped the pretense of neutrality, and sided openly with the Muslim extremists trying to overthrow the legally elected government.
Add to that the presence of Muslims in the French military contingent, and the potential for this charge becomes real.
This charge has been leveled by the President of the country, and the highest ranking Catholic in the country.

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